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We have been installing and servicing digital copiers all around the UK since they were first invented over 20 years ago.

In 2009 we recognised that the traditional mechanism for supplying office multi function printers on long leases was not flexible enough for our rapidly expanding customer base.

Corporate customers that were either expanding or contracting, or taking on more project related activities were becoming frustrated with the lack of flexibility - extending large fleet contracts to add or remove a couple of machines seemed too complex.

Similarly, smaller, but growing companies were also frustrated, although this time at the financial markets and the cost and availability of funding which was preventing them invest in necessary equipment to support their businesses.

We recognised these frustrations, so in 2010 we decided to re-invest our profits to buy our own fleet of copiers and put them out on a "pay per copy" basis - and so PaperCopy was born.

We have watched both our fleet and our customer base grow since then, even though this growth has been through word of mouth and spread via recommendation. If you are visiting our site today via a recommendation then you may well know a little about us already, but if you've found us just from searching the web, then I'd encourage you to talk to us or one of our existing clients to check out our services.

I often get asked by new prospective clients "where's the catch?". Well there isn't one. You just choose on of our machines that we will install on your site for a fee, depending on the size. We then send you a bill each month based on how many prints you've done. When you have finished with the machine you just call us up and we will collect it.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it'll probably work out cheaper than buying a new machine on lease, or running an old copier or destop laser printer!

Ian Hudson
Managing Director
PaperCopy - a trading style of
Business World Services (1995) Ltd